A World Held Hostage
By Debt

What Bankers Don't Want You to Know

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"Who are Land Lords of the World?"

They are not the people that own the real estate that you and I would rent from. They make up several powerful organizations that truly control the monetary systems of the world. Because of this, I refer to them as the Land Lords of the world. The media simply refers to them are the 'elite. They also have a finger on many other things in society. At this point you might ask, is this good or is this bad? You have to decide for yourself, but I promise you; this will be a eye opener and an opportunity to make a big change for the good for all of humanity.

"Some basic information."

Every community, whether a village, country or nation, uses a system to exchange goods and services. When America had its beginnings it used a simple functioning barter system. As time went on, they realized that this limited progress in developing an orderly and stable economy for their nation. They recognized the need for a medium of exchange, which is called money.

After many years of studying the financial histories of nations, one finds it was always the responsibility of the government of a sovereign nation to determine what to use for money and to create the money for its citizens, as their representative.

Our current system of monetary exchange is based upon debt. It was created by Private International bankers in 1694. They forced the government to grant legality to their practice of giving ten Receipts for each ounce of gold, which then became ten Claims for that same one ounce.

This was a dishonest practice. Each person coming with his receipt for the whole ounce he deposited could receive no more than one tenth of an ounce. Nine other people would be coming, each with a receipt for a whole ounce they deposited, but would receive 1/10 of an ounce. What happened to the other nine ounces of gold? The depositorís loss became a 900% gain for the bankers.

The London bankers received approval of this practice from the government in return for lending it their gold. They also demanded and received the right to issue bank notes (Receipts) as money, backed by the same gold which the government had spent to pay for government expenditures such as, military support. The government now was a debtor to private bankers, with an obligation to repay the debt plus interest in gold.

From now on the Bankers created the debt-based bank note paper money for the nation, but demanded repayment of its loan and interest in gold. This was the first time government was forced to tax its citizens, to pay the interest and the loan in gold to private bankers.

This is the money system we have in the United States which made it necessary to create the IRS to tax the citizens to be able to pay interest of approximately $300 Billion a year on a national debt of over 6.4 Trillion dollars.

The Federal Reserve Banking and Money System continues to create and lend money to our government, creating more and more debt and inflation with the money buying less and less. With this system there will be no end of inflation, all official reports to the contrary notwithstanding.

The bottom 80% of the population still has both spouses working to make ends meet. Food pantries are unable to meet the demand. The need keeps growing.

Debt based money exploits every nation, causing worldwide poverty and gives unlimited power to the bankers to control the politics, governments, education, and the economies of virtually every nation.

If you are in the top 20% of our citizens, the present consequences of living under the system are probably minimal. You notice the cost of living is rising. Your taxes are increasing. But youíre OK. You have a good salary and get a built-in increase so you donít feel bad about your economy. . . . yet.

I'm old and have seen inflation beyond most people's wildest dreams. When I was in college I could buy 50 first class postage stamps for $1.00 and a brand new Chevrolet or Plymouth for $750. Inflation isnít going to stop under the debt based money system. It canít. The system creates it. There's hope, if we fix it. . . . soon. If you think terrorism is a world problem, you need to know that this debt-based money system has something to do with where we have terrorism in the world too.

Because this is so important for people of the world to know what debt-based money is doing to the world and how we can stop further economic damage to the world I have made "Land Lords of the World" for Free, as a Download.

All I ask is that you send me an email requesting the password to unlock the file. I respect your privacy and will not divulge your address to anyone - period. Please include your location, such as town, state, and or county. I'd like to know what parts of the country and world is receiving this information. Individuals from around the world have read this book. They email back with astonishment at what they have learned. You to have much to gain and nothing to lose with this free offer.

Go to www.TCOINC.COM No password required to unlock the book, or you can contact dan at tcoinc.com. Download (PDF format) of Land Lords of the World.

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Truth is a Right and a Privilege.

You have a right to Truth because your Creator gave you a mind that seeks the truth. In this book What's Going On Here? you have the great privilege of getting a full and truthful answer to your question. You can be assured of that because I have asked the right questions and have the training to do so scientifically.

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