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This web site is a non-affiliated site that believes and knows that abortion is the destruction and taking a life, and that all life is sacred, even the ones that are not wanted or loved, or even ones we may think we cannot provide for. Simply put, all human life is sacred. We all know people we don't like, but to God all life is more than precious, and if we are to imitate God, then we are to love all life as well. As such we have an obligation to protect and preserve life from conception to natural death.

What you are about to wittness is how a baby is tortured, multilated and killed by being ripped from a mother's womb. This video is graphic and demonstrated by a doctor who has performed over 1,200 abortions, that is extractions of life from a human baby.

The direct link to this video is
The complete story behind the above video can be seen here:

Life is filled with burdens, at times, and everyone certainly has challenges. For those reasons, there are always people and organizations that are willing to help get us through those rough times. If you are having one of those rough times due to an unexpected or unplanned pregnancy, please know it is not the worst situation and that there is help available. After all, what could be worse than death without given a chance to live and without an opportunity to knows God's love.

This site will attempt to provide help with both a crisis pregnancy and after abortion healing. This site tries not to judge, just deliver the truth.

Thank you for coming here and please seek advice from good people and good places. Thank you and God bless.

The Option Line - 1-800-395-HELP/4357 and will connect you with alternatives to abortion, wherever you may live.

The Cost of Abortion Click the link on the right entitled "Watch it." You can also receive more information from this web site by visiting the web site.

See the video that is changing coutless minds about abortion.

An unborn baby girl thrashes in pain as the warm womb, once her source of nourishment, is flooded with a deadly poison.

In the next room, the slumber of an unborn baby boy is interrupted as a plastic vacuum tube invades his little home.

Outside in the Planned Parenthood operating room, two young mothers have been lied to, pressured and intimidated into letting these “doctors” kill their babies.

One is a teenage girl, too afraid to tell her parents she was pregnant. The Planned Parenthood counselors knew exactly how to deal with this sort.

Fabricated horror stories of teenage mothers: Endless crying and midnight feedings, diapers changes and countless bathing. The financial burden of raising a baby in this bad economy. High school dropouts with no job, no career.

And the knockout punch, a story of outraged parents kicking her to the curb, forcing her to face it all alone.

Their distorted vision of motherhood worked exactly according to plan: They convinced her it was all just too much to handle.

The other woman is a single mother of two who trusted the “medical expertise” of the Planned Parenthood nurses. She believed their lies. She believed her baby “wasn’t a baby yet.”

“It’s just an embryo. There’s no legs, no arms, no head, no brain, no heart.”

Then, to finish her off, they told her it was what was the best thing for her other children, that they would somehow have less if she brought another baby into this world.

Instead, they lost a brother.

Both of these women were pressured to make a “choice” they wouldn’t have made on their own -- and both will suffer from that day’s trauma for the rest of their lives.

If this causes an emotional thought in your mind, they please realise that this happen all the time.

Last year, over 300,000 babies died at Planned Parenthood’s 800+ abortion “clinics.”

And as if to add insult to injury, Washington politicians think you should float the bill.

You see, $350 million a year of your tax dollars funds this tragedy.

And those numbers are double from ten years ago with no end in sight.

You can do something that will make a difference, but unless you and I fight back now, it will more than double in the next ten years.

I’m asking for your help in this battle for innocent human life.

Government funding of abortion must end and it can start with its most egregious provider, Planned Parenthood.

But the politicians aren’t going to do it just because we ask them, we have to tell them.

Would you please give your Congressman and ask for a vote to end taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. Please call the House switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask for your Congressman right away.

Thank you and God bless.

What to learn what stem cells are all about? Want to know the difference between Adult vs. Embryonic Stem Cells? Stem Cell Research Facts

Breast Cancer Awareness: An Ounce of "Prevention" is Worth a Pound of "Cure" September 19, 2010 by Gerard M. Nadal

There is a article written on a Blog entitled THE DEADLY POLITICS OF BREAST CANCER. Scroll down to locate the article in the lower half of the page.

Fr. Frank's - Priests for Life Bi-Weekly Column

Why we pray to end abortion by Dr. Frank Pavone

Obama's Pro-Abortion Record

Life at Conception Act - an overview - Provides Basis for Protection of All Unborn by Legislatively Establishing Personhood. This is a PDF download file.

What does cancer and abortion have in common? Some valuable information can be found here: Breast Cancer Awareness: An Ounce of "Prevention" is Worth a Pound of "Cure" - Be sure to read the information provided in the link above. It will save lives. Another valuable piece of information follows the above article. This one is entitled, THE DEADLY POLITICS OF BREAST CANCER. Read them both.

Contraception is one of the greatest threats to civilization today. Although it is a moral evil of the highest order, it is practiced and promoted in virtually all classrooms, universities, and even from the pulpits of churches and cathedrals. It has influenced our entire culture - from entertainment to crime to marriage and family life. Wherever we look in the modern world, contraception's ugly hand has been lain on our formerly Christian society.

The Catholic Church has always opposed contraception as a moral evil, although individual Catholics - some of them in mitres and collars - have not. Please use these resources to learn more about the evils of contraception and how you can fight it.

Contraception Talks by Dr. Martin L. Brenner, SSL noted that all of the Republican leaders in the House and Senate are "uniformly pro-life." John Boehner, who is expected to be the next Speaker, has been highly praised for "his heartfelt pro-life views."

There is a proven link between breast cancer in women and birth control. Learn more at:
Breast Cancer Prevention Institute

158 Abortions happen every hour. Please sign the Susan B. Anthony Petition to Help Stop Abortion Funding

The following short videos bring the truth of what is happening to the human race world wide.

Episode 1: Population Control
Episode 2: Pro-Abortion Violence

The Unalienable Right to Life
July 4th marks the day when our country declared its independence. In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote "We hold these truths to be selfevident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. On the anniversary of our nation's birth remember that the foremost of our rights is the right to life. For those facing an untimely pregnancy, please call 1-800-57 WOMAN.

Life's Miracle
The wonder of life. A baby's heart begins to beat approximately 20 days after conception! An unborn child's brain waves can be detected as early as 42 days after conception. A six-week-old unborn child has all internal organs in place, and only time and nutrients are needed for full development.

Stem cell misinformation corrected
In an effort to correct the ongoing misinformation being disseminated by the main-stream media regarding embryonic stem cell research, Right to Life of Michigan Legislative staff sent a memo to Governor Jennifer Granholm and Michigan lawmakers highlighting several important issues regarding stem cell research in Michigan. FULL STORY

Thinking abortion?
You don't have to think this alone, see Becky's true story at Stand Up

Do you have an unplanned pregnancy? Would you like to talk to someone?
Please call 1-800-57WOMAN - (1-800-579-6626)

A morally righteousness conscience believes it is just to fight for the unborn, the mentally and physically disabled, and our elderly. All are at risk. None of us have a "CHOICE" to say a human life should be terminated. Since January 22, 1973, at least 45,000,000 babies have been aborted from a mother's womb.

Perhaps the information herein can save one life. If it does heaven will rejoice and so will the souls of righteuosness.

    We hope to provide:
  1. Help save babies from abortion.
  2. Help mothers cope with their feelings of post abortion.
  3. Give physical and material help to mothers if needed.
  4. Educate the public to the moral implications of abortion and euthanasia.

Please make a commitment to help in any way you can by working within the law to end the killing of the "unwanted". Your prayers are most important to help changes come about in peoples hearts and therefore in the laws of our country. Support your local organizations, churches and friends that have a comittment to life.

Psalm 139:13-15
Truly you have formed my inmost being: you knit me in my mother's womb. I give you thanks that I am fearfully, wonderfully made; wonderful are your works. My soul also you knew full well; nor was my frame unknown to you when I was made in secret, when I was fashioned in the depths of the earth.

Contact your Federal Representatives and Senators and URGE them to support Life.

Thirty Studies in Five Years Show Abortion Hurts Women's Mental Health

Organizations that Work to Support Life:
Americans 4 Life

40 Days For Life

National Right to Life

Priests for Life

Human Life International - Pro Life Missionaries to the World

If you are somewhere in the Upper Peninsual of Michigan and would like to seek help for a pregnancy or post-abortion grief counseling, or would like to get involved in helping or seeking to establish a help system, then please read the following:

The Respect Life Ministry Outreach Program
The Office Coordinator chairs the diocesan Respect Life Committee and works to promote the Church's pro-life message, particularly at the parish level through the Respect Life Parish Liaison (RLPL) ministry.

Project Rachel: Post Abortion Grief Counseling
The Family Life Office Coordinator is the diocesan contact and referral person for the Project Rachel post-abortion grief counseling ministry and can be reached at 1-800-562-9745, extension 178 (227-9178 locally for Marquette, Michigan).

The Family Life Office maintains a confidential roster of clerical and secular counselors located throughout the diocese who have been specially trained to work with both women and men suffering from post-abortion grief issues.

All Project Rachel correspondence and referrals are strictly confidential! Individuals seeking assistance can also contact their nearest Catholic Charities office directly.

There is also a national organization:
Rachel's Vineyard
Their National toll free hot line is 877 HOPE 4 ME (877-467-3463)

2011 State of the Unborn Address, Marjorie Dannenfelser, SBA List President

Annoucements and Resouces for Help:
The following list of resources for help include, Michigan's upper peninsula, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida, Alabama and Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana.

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Marquette, Michigan
Counseling available for Crisis Pregnancy, Adoption, Marriage, Family, Post-Abortion Counseling, Grief, as well as Substance Abuse and Problem Gambling. Individual Therapy. Payment for counseling is determined by income.

Catholic Charities
427 S. Stephenson Suite #215
Iron Mountain, Michigan 49801


Diocese: Marquette - Project Rachel

Contact: Colin
Phone: 800-562 9745 ext. 178; 906-227-9178 (local calls)

Project Rachel is the name of the Catholic Church's healing ministry to those who have been involved in abortion. Its name comes from Scripture:

In Ramah is heard the sound of moaning,
of bitter weeping!
Rachel mourns her children,
she refuses to be consoled
because her children are no more.
Thus says the LORD:
Cease your cries of mourning,
wipe the tears from your eyes.
The sorrow you have shown shall have its reward...
There is hope for your future.

     Jeremiah 31:15-1

Hope Pregnancy Resources Center

Contact: Jackie Sazama
(715) 843-4673
605 24th Ave. South
Suite 20
Wausau, WI 54401

Resources for men, women, family members and friends available.
Known resources available: - Support groups, Individual counseling/referrals, Religious affiliation

Catholic Charities

Contact: Dan Buss, LCSW
1 (866) 344-2500 (Stevens Point area)
1 (866) 849-3311 (Wausau area)
1317 College Court
Stevens Point, WI 54481

Resources for men available.
Known resources available: - Individual counseling/referrals, Religious affiliation

Pregnancy Help Center of Rice Lake

Contact: Rebecca Downing
(715) 736-4357
11 E. Eau Claire St.
Ste 1
Rice Lake, WI 54868

Resources for men and women available.
Known resources available: - Individual counseling/referrals

Catholic/Christian Marriage Clinic
Healing International, Inc.
Marriage & Family Schema Therapy Institute

P.O. Box 793
Oshkosh, WI 54903-0793

Contact: Dr. Chiara Simeone-DiFrancesco, Licensed Psychologist, Wisconsin & Virginia
Telephone: 920-233-2347

Co-Author: Schema Therapy with Couples, A Practitioner's Guide to Healing Relationships, published by Wiley Blackwell press, 2015.

Respecting life in all of its stages; Expert in trauma healing from the effects of abortion, and creative alternatives for couples who feel they cannot handle embracing another child without losing their marriage or personal goals. There are answers that can save you from much trauma and guilt/shame, and cooperate with God's gift of life in the process.

Jesus-Centered Marriage Mentor Training
More information and free audio vignettes also at:
For information contact:

Psychological & Marital Services delivered in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin. Marital Intensives of 2 to 3 days offered in Wisconsin.
Limited teletherapy for Virginia clients.
Contact Dr. Simeone-DiFrancesco at Healing International,

Catholic Charities

Contact: Linda
(920) 725-3066
36 Broad St.
Suite 200
Oshkosh, WI 54901

Resources for men available.
Known resources available: - Healing retreats, Support groups, Individual counseling/referrals, Spanish retreats/counseling, Religious affiliation

Women's Support Centers of Milwaukee

Contact: Mary Ann Gilpin
(414) 934-8888
4043 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53233

Resources available for women.
Known resources available: - Individual counseling/referrals, Religious affiliation

National Office of Post Abortion Reconciliation and Healing

Contact: Vicki or Mary
1 (800) 5 WE CARE
1 (800) 593-2273
PO Box 070477
Milwaukee, WI 53207

Known resources available: - Individual counseling/referrals, Religious affiliation

Her Choice To Heal

Contact: Lisa Matheson
(218) 391-2888
(218) 348-1057
1533 West Arrowhead Road
Duluth, MN 55811

Offered through Duluth Vineyard Church. Safe, confidential recovery class. Small group setting.
Known resources available: - Support groups, Individual counseling/referrals, Online/email support groups, Religious affiliation

Nystrom & Associates, Ltd.

Contact: Ann Eiden
(651) 379-1707
(651) 379-1727
1900 Silver Lake Road
Suite 110
New Brighton, MN 55112

Resources form men, family members and friends also available.
Known resources available: - Individual counseling/referrals, Religious affiliation

Marian Project

Contact: Sonya
(651) 291-4515
328 Kellogg Blvd. West
Rm. 206
St. Paul , MN 55102

Spanish counseling available upon request.
Known resources available: - Support groups, Individual counseling/referrals, Spanish retreats/counseling, Religious affiliation

Archdiocese: Mobile

Respect Life / Project Rachel
Contact: Elizabeth Burgess
Phone: 251-434-1550 ext. 18

Diocese: Mobile (Dothan)

Catholic Social Services / Project Rachel
Contact: Vickie
Phone: 334-435-1970 or 334-793-3601
Dothan, AL 36301

Resources for men available.
Known resources available: - Individual counseling/referrals, Religious affiliation

A Women's Pregnancy Center

Contact: Diane Donahue
(850) 297-1174
919 W Pensacola Street
Tallahassee, FL 32304

Resources for men, women, family members and friends available. Spanish interpreters available on request.
Known resources available: - Support groups, Individual counseling/referrals, Spanish retreats/counseling, Religious affiliation

Pregnancy Help and Information Center

Contac: Jo-Ellen O'Keefe
(850) 222-7177
1710 S. Gadsden St
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Resources for women available. Known resources: Support group, Individual counseling/referrals, Religious affiliation
Known resources available: -Support groups, Individual counseling/referrals, Religious affiliation

Women's Clinic Abortion Recovery

Contact: Heather Martel
(850) 656-9177
1395 Cross Creek Circle
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Resources for men, women, family members and friends available. Spanish interpreters available on request.
Known resources available: - Individual counseling/referrals

First Choice Women's Medical Center

Contact: Kathy Kay
(334) 260-8010
380 Mendel Parkway
Montgomery, AL 36117

Resources available for men and women. Offers individual counseling and HOPE after abortion support group three times a year.
Known resources available: - Support groups, Individual counseling/referrals, Religious affiliation

Forgiven & Set Free

Contact: Kathy
(334) 260-8010
First Choice Women's Medical Center
380 Mendel Parkway
Montgomery, AL 36117

Known resources available: - Support groups, Individual counseling/referrals, Religious affiliation

Carlos Gomez-Estefan, PhD (Licensed Psychologist PY7327)

Carlos Gomez-Estefan, PhD (English and Spanish)
(850) 552-0978
2619 Centennial Blvd.
Ste 103
Tallahassee, FL 32308

Resources for men, women, family members and friends. Resources in English and Spanish available. Faith-based and non-religious counseling available. Private practice with two other partners. Confidential voice mail.
Known resources available: - Individual counseling/referrals, Spanish retreats/counseling

Forgiven and Set Free

Contact: Donna
(229) 333-0080
206 W. Gordon Street
Valdosta, GA 31601

Resources available for men and women.
Known resources available: - Support groups, Individual counseling/referrals, Religious affiliation

Morningstar Pregnancy Center

Contact: Ann
(228) 864-4221
(228) 864-4222
2204 24th Ave.
Gulfport, MS 39501

Known resources available: - Individual counseling/referrals, Religious affiliation

Kelli Churchill

Contact: Kelli Churchill
(985) 630-8350
620 Girod Street
Mandeville , LA 70448

The Option Line - 1-800-395-HELP/4357 and will connect you with alternatives to abortion, wherever you may live.

Other Resources:
Through Silent No More Awareness Campaign, this site offers a search mechanism to find the nearest abortion healing program to where you live.

Pregnanat and in need of help? Please visit Birthright International or call 800-550-4900



Links to Life
The Fascinating Story of Life Before Birth.
American Life League
Priests for Life
Images of abortion
Feminists for Life of America
Catholic League
Human Life International
Educational Articles and References on Abortion - The following materials are helpful for the clergy, as well as anyone in the pro-life movement at large.

There are 785 Planned Parenthood facilities in the United States. (Note 1)
There are over 18,000 cities without a Planned Parenthood.
There are 682 abortion facilities in the United States. (Note 2)
There are over 18,000 cities without an abortion facility.
There are five states with just one abortion facility. (Note 3)
Mississippi’s one abortion facility is on the verge of being shut down by the state.
Florida and your state can be a state without an abortion facility!

Note 1: ~
Note 2: ~
Note 3: ~

Other Links to valuable information

New Study Affirms Link Between Abortion and Subsequent Mental Health Problems

New Study Finds Half Of Aborting Women Are Having Repeat Abortions
Experts Say Repeat Abortions Are Often the Result of Trauma, Coercion

Current News Events on Life

This video is explicit and can be disturbing - Women Exploited

This video is from a Pro-Life candidate - it too can be disturbing, but it is truthful. Child developement

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