Innovative Concepts brought to the table
WebStein.com and its affiliates are seeking a business relationship to take conceptual ideas and proposals created by the Webstein team, from initial development to market. All WebStein concepts are appropriately documented with detailed explanations and graphics. Some areas addressed by the WebStein team creative "Think-Tank" are listed below.
  • Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Communication
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment / Games
  • Environment
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Military
  • Modern day living
  • Novelty
  • Recreation / Sports
  • Social Process
  • Software Concepts
  • Safety

  • Every concept takes into consideration ten (10) critical areas leading to success. They are as follows:

    • Profitablity: WebStein considers profitablity the single most important aspect for concept proposal selection and development.

    • Marketability: WebStein knows end user and demand are "show stopper" decision keys to concept proposal development.

    • Unexplored Technologies: WebStein concepts adventure into areas not yet explored.

    • Technology Applications: WebStein concepts use exsiting functional tools in a creative way to minimize developmental costs.

    • Power, Control, Dominance: WebStein proposals have potential to ignite the fires of opportunity and redirect markets.

    • Function: WebStein is dedicated to creating innovative products, creative adaptations of existing products and employing cutting edge technology in the formation of new concept / vision proposals.

    • Concentration: WebStein uses a systems approach to obtain the highest levels of product design. WebStein effectively thinks "outside the box."

    • Orientation: WebStein is profit driven and focused on the cost benefit relationship.

    • Arena of Creativity: Aerospace, electronics, automotive, consumable products, and competitive sports equipment in a multitude of interrelated disciplines. WebStein is capable of addressing a broad spectrum of issues and welcomes the opportunity to apply “critical thought” to take products, services and marketing to the highest performance levels.

    • Characteristic: WebStein is remarkably different from all other Concept Proposal entities, in terms of innovation, creativity and responsiveness.

    Bottom Line; WebStein has concepts and visions that stretch the imagination beyond the extraordinary!

    A sampling summary to several concept proposals are provided to convey the concept while retaining specific details. You are coordially invited to contact us to enage in discussion to secure any of the created concepts, enter into a partnership, or offer a royalty agreement.

    All of the proposals are copyrighted and no permission is implied, expressed or granted to copy, or use the ideas or information herein without written permission.

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