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Catholic365, because being Catholic is not a one day a week activity.

Catholic365.Info is a Catholic information website dedicated to adults who want to learn more about the Catholic faith and to better understand the Bible from a Catholic perspective.

On this site you will find numerous audio recordings on various subjects including complete Bible study classes that you can listen to on the website or download at no charge.

You can then burn these classes to CDs to study at home, play in your car while driving, or to use for Bible study classes. If you don't know how to download these recordings or to burn them to recordable CDs, you will find instructions for this on the website.

If these recordings are used in classes, all we ask is that you drop us an email and let us know. We would like to know if these classes are helpful to you. New classes are added frequently, so you will want to come back often and see what's new.

We are completely faithful to the magisterium of the Church and her teachings.

Now let's get started shall we? Just click a link below to proceed. ~ God bless.

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This site is dedicated to St. Paul,
the Apostle and tireless teacher of the Catholic faith
to adults in the First Century AD,
who longed to know the truth.
~ St. Paul, pray for us ~