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"Commitment is doing what you said you would do
after the feeling you said it has passed."
~ St. Camillus DeLellis was established in 1997 to host The Cornish Oven, a business opportunity for those with limited financial resources and business experience, hoping to start a personal business. Within a short period of time, others asked if I would construct and host a spot for them on the Internet. To accommodate the requests and venture out, TCO, Inc. became The Corner Office, Inc.

Long retired, but still busy as ever, the works remaining are pro bono for charitable, civic, churches, religious purposes, friends, etc.. They are listed and linked below to make it easier to navigate each individual website or complimentary hosting page.

Learning CatholicismLearning Catholicism a simple to follow outline with .PDF documents, videos, audio files and more. Learn at your own pace. Ask questions if like, or contact a Traditional Roman Catholic parish.

Call to Save the Church and the One True Mass“The Carnage Has Begun”: British Priest Rebukes Pope, Calls on Bishops to Openly Resist Suppression of Latin Mass Priest Once Imprisoned in Burma Decries Francis’ Suppression of the Old Mass.

Catholic 365Catholic365 is designed for anyone who likes to listen to informative and entertaining audio files while doing driving or when time minimizes distractions. If you would like to learn more about things from a Catholic perspective, this is the place. I built this site for a dear friend of mind who passed away before we could finish our goal, but these fine works of his remain as a tribute to him and his desire to bring others closer to God. I think you will truly enjoy the website.

SSPX logoSSPX FAQ Videos Where Tradition and Catholicism meet. Traditional Latin Mass, Sunday evenings, 6:00 PM, 686 Scenic Gulf Drive, Miramar Beach, Florida. Mass also at 8:00 a.m. Monday mornings. 850-865-0136. More information at:SSPX logoSt. Anthony Mary Claret Chapel

Dedicated to Protecting LifeLife is a Right that only God maintains the Right to determine its length of days. When someone ends their own life, as sad as it is, it's called suicide. When someone deliberately takes the life of another, you know what it is. And it too remains sad. Learn more here. It's a matter of life or death.

Rosary Prayer GroupRosary Prayer Groups was recently established, beginning throughout Florida with a common goal. The Rosary is prayed on a specific day of the week for the special intentions of those attending and for the request made at Fatima. Following the Rosary a short catechesis program is presented to further the proper education of Catholicism. Locations are added on this site and past presentations are posted to the site as well.

The Cornish OvenThe Cornish Oven opportunity has spread far and wide. The information is intended to introduce you to a new fast food business concept and the products involved. If you are looking to secure a future through owning your own fast food business, the manual and video can help provide training and guidance. No previous business experience is necessary.

Webstein and its affiliates are seeking a business relationship to take conceptual ideas and proposals created by the Webstein team, from initial development to market. All WebStein concepts are appropriately documented with detailed explanations and graphics. Check it out if you are a person or company looking for innovative concepts, ideas, and products.

Defuniak Springs Garden ClubDefuniak Springs Garden Club. Yes, my wife is a member, and yes I said I would do this for her/them ;-) If you live in Walton County Florida and like to play in the dirt and watch things grow, this is for you.

Traditional Latin Mass is offered every Sunday at St. Anthony Mary Claret, 686 Scenic Gulf Drive, Miramar Beach, FL. 9:00 AM, Sunday. Full data and link to website will be posted soon. In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, St. Ann's, Baraga, Michigan, 8:00 a.m.

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