the Corner Office, Inc
"Commitment is doing what you said you would do
after the feeling you said it has passed."
~ St. Camillus DeLellis
Nothing exciting here. Information provided for those who need to know the personal background of the person behind the scene. I'm just a regular guy who sometimes has seen miraculous things. Everyone changes over the years. I hope I have mellowed out and become a better person. I am sorry for my past sins and mistakes and hope God will provide time to make up for as much as possible that wasn't good. Below are some brief descriptives.

  • Married since 1972 - to the same beautiful girl
  • Helped raise two wonderful boys - now on their own starting a future
  • Each day try to increase my faith & trust in God
  • Believe this is the greatest country in the world
  • Believe in providing best possible service and product
  • Love to see people have successes

  • Marine Deck Engineering - quality control, scheduling, expediting
  • School Teacher & Substitute
  • Small business owner - appliance store, Radio Shack
  • Worked in the Iron Mining Industry
  • Landscaping and light construction
  • Commercial construction - office management
  • Interstate Trucking - office management
  • Furniture Manufacturing - cost accounting, and production control
  • Banking - Vice President of a community bank
  • Fast Food Franchise business
  • Business and computer sales and consulting
  • Building and improving this web site
  • Home Inspection services
  • Township Government, Treasurer

  • Working with computers
  • Plunking on my guitar (seldom)
  • Woodworking projects (seldom)
  • Going for long walks (thank goodness for treadmills)
  • Riding bicycle (not enough)
  • Walking on the beaches of Florida (surely not enough)
  • Traveling (occassionally)
  • Singing in church
  • Watching my children, grand-children and investments mature
  • Spending time with my wife and partner

  • Northern Michigan University - Bachelor of Science
  • Gogebic Community College - Accounting Principles
  • D&N Bank - Finance and Credit Training
  • Licensed Michigan Contractor (no longer)
  • Class of 68 - Iron River, Michigan

Established March 01, 1997
Created by DJ Stafford

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